Faculty and Staff

150834, 08-14-15, Communicative Disorders

First Row (left to right)Katharine Bedsole (Instructor); Lacey Watts (Office Assistant); Karen Tucker (Office Assistant); Dr. Memorie Gosa (Assistant Professor); Dr. Rachel Saffo (Assistant Professor); Mary Durrett (Accounting); Mary Bryan (Clinical Supervisor/Instructor); Mary Ray-Allen (Clinical Supervisor/Instructor); Dr. Laura Moss (Clinic Director); Dr. Marcia Hay-McCutcheon (Professor); Barbara Kucharski (Clinical Supervisor/Instructor)
Back Row (left to right)Sam Dowling (Office Assistant); Dr. Craig Formby (Distinguished Graduate Research Professor); Betsy Hope (Clinical Supervisor); Candace Cook (Clinical Supervisor/Instructor); Becca Brooks (Audiology Coordinator); DeLaine Stricklin (Clinical Supervisor/Instructor); JoAnne Payne (Audiologist); Tori Horne (Office Assistant); Dr. Tony Buhr (Assistant Professor); Dr. Angie Barber (Department Chair); Kelly Dickey (Clinical Supervisor)



Academic Faculty

Dr. Angela Barber

Dr. Anthony Buhr

Dr. Spyridoula Cheimariou

Dr. Craig Formby

Dr. Memorie Gosa

Dr. Marcia Hay-McCutcheon

Dr. Rachel Saffo

Clinical Faculty

Mary Bryan

Kandis Chatman

Candace Cook

Kelly Dickey

Betsy Hope

Barbara Kucharski

Amy Long

JoAnne Payne

Sara Shirley

DeLaine Stricklin

Mary Ray-Allen


Mary Durrett

Karen Tucker

Lacey Watts

Ashley Minton