Dr. Marcia Hay-McCutcheon

Associate Professor and Chair

Ph.D. Hearing Science, University of Iowa,2004

M.A. Audiology, University of Tennessee,1997

B.Ed. Primary Education, Queen’s University,1987

B.A. Social Behavior, Queen’s University,1986

Contact Information

Office: 310

700 University Boulevard East

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Phone: 205-348-4572

Email: marcia.hay-mccutcheon@ua.edu

Research Interests:

  • My current research is examining the relationship between hearing loss and other health issues in the adult population of the state of Alabama.  For more information see www.hearing.ua.edu
  • Additionally, my lab is doing ongoing studies that examine the behavioral and physiological effects of cochlear implant use.

Recent Publications:

Hay-McCutcheon, M. J., Peterson, N. R., Rosado, C. A., & Pisoni, D. B.  (2013). Identification of acoustically similar and dissimilar vowels in profoundly deaf adults who use cochlear implants:  Some preliminary findings.  American Journal of Audiology, 2013 Jul 3 [Epub ahead of print].

Holt, R. F., Kirk, K. I., & Hay-McCutcheon, M. J.  (2011).  Assessing multimodal spoken word-in-sentence recognition in children with normal hearing and children with cochlear implants. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 54 (2), 632-657.

Harris, M. S., & Hay-McCutcheon, M. J.  (2010).  An analysis of hearing aid fittings in adults using cochlear implants and contralateral hearing aids.  Laryngoscope, 120 (12), 2484-2488.

Miyamoto, R. T., & Hay-McCutcheon, M. J. (2009). Approach to the patient with hearing loss, in J. Biller (Ed.), Practical Neurology, Third Edition. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA.

Hay-McCutcheon, M. J., Pisoni, D. B., Hunt, K. K. (2009). Audiovisual asynchrony detection and speech perception in hearing-impaired listeners with cochlear implants: A preliminary analysis. International Journal of Audiology, 48 (6), 321-333.

Hay-McCutcheon, M. J., Kirk, K. I, Henning, S. C., Gao, S., Qi, R. (2008). Using early language outcomes to predict later language ability in children with cochlear implants. Audiology and Neurotology, 13, 370-378.

Miyamoto, R. T., Hay-McCutcheon, M. J., Kirk, K. I., Houston, D. M., & Bergeson-Dana, T. (2008). Language skills of profoundly deaf children who received cochlear implants under 12-months of age: A preliminary study. Acta Otolaryngologica, 128 (4), 373-377.

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