Within the Department of Communicative Disorders, undergraduate and graduate students find myriad opportunities to do research in their fields of interest. Recent student research projects include the following:a woman looks at a computer monitor on which appears the image of another woman's face; the second woman is seated in front of a camera across the room

  • Measurement of emotion processing in cartoon and human videos by children with typical development and autism
  • Assessment of hearing health in rural Alabama
  • Pediatric feeding and swallowing assessment and treatment
  • Gesture use of politicians during presidential debates
  • Efficacy of early parent-mediated autism interventions and dissemination of parent interventions into underserved communities

How to Get Started

Interested in doing your own research project but not sure where to start? Complete our research project query form to let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll put you in touch with a faculty member who can help.