Note: This page lists the most recent winners of departmental and University awards within the department, along with (in some instances) descriptions of the awards themselves. For previous years’ winners, visit Past Winners of Scholarships and Fellowships.

Scott Harris Award

2021 Recipient: Valencia Scott

Dr. Eugene B. Cooper Memorial Award

2021 Recipient: Bianca Levy

Edward Ervin Guy Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Communicative Disorders

Edward E. Guy, Jr. was a client of the University of Alabama Speech and Hearing Center during his childhood and early teens.  Mr. Guy, deaf since the age of three, received outstanding guidance, education and therapy from an audiologist, Rebecca Brooks, during his time with the Speech and Hearing Center.  The scholarship is a way to give to back for the outstanding, life changing support brought about by dedicated professionals at the University of Alabama who help people with hearing, speech and language disorders.  Mr. Guy works at the University of Alabama as an administrative assistant to Dr. John Schmitt, Associate Dean of the Graduate School.  The Award is to provide an annual merit scholarship to an outstanding Undergraduate and an outstanding Graduate student in Communicative Disorders.  This award was established in 2014.

2021 Undergraduate Recipient: Kendall Bridgmon

2021 Graduate Recipient: Kate Noble Hall

Joe T. McCrary Endowed Scholarship

The Joe T. McCrary Endowed Scholarship was established in 2005 in memory of Joe McCrary, spouse of University of Alabama Speech and Hearing Center clinical supervisor, Debra McCrary. It is given each year to the outstanding senior in communicative disorders. The recipient is chosen by the academic and clinical faculty of the Department of Communicative Disorders.

2021 Recipients: Anna Jane Brown and Kira Woods

Mary T. Hamner Endowed Scholarship

Mary T. Hamner was a graduate of the University of Alabama and long term resident of Tuscaloosa. She taught high school for almost 40 years. Ms. Hamner received services for hearing loss through the Speech and Hearing Center form 1988 until she passed away in 1999, leaving a portion of her estate to the Speech and Hearing Center. In her memory the Mary T. Hamner Award was established to provide an annual merit scholarship to an outstanding Undergraduate (junior) and Graduate student majoring in Communicative Disorders.

2021 Undergraduate Recipient: Jennifer Chapman

2021 Graduate Recipient: Grace Shirah

Barbara Kucharski Award for Undergraduate Clinical Excellence

2021 Recipient: Anna Mauldin

SHAA Award

SHAA is the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama. Each year they give an award to a student that recognizes all around and professional performance. This award is given to a graduate student each year.

2021 Recipient: Jessica Mann

Outstanding Research Award

2021 Undergraduate Recipient: Michelle Hasenkampf

2021 Graduate Recipient: Rachel Glick

Diversity Award

2016 Recipient: Lacey Dent

University of Alabama Graduate Fellowships

Dean’s Merit Assistantship

2010 Recipient: Sara Saldana

Graduate Council Fellowship

2010 Recipients: Rebecca Paxton and Emily Woods

McNair Fellowship

2011 Recipient: Mya McGee
2010 Recipient: Ivy Porter

National Alumni Association Fellowship

2010 Recipient: Elizabeth Hughes