DeLaine Stricklin

DeLaine  Stricklin

Clinical Supervisor

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MS, University of Southern Mississippi, 1982

BS, University of Southern Mississippi, 1981

Research Interests

DeLaine Stricklin is a Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Supervisor and Instructor at The University of Alabama.  She has worked as a SLP since 1982.  DeLaine began her career in the Louisiana school system, followed by 20+ years in the hospital setting in Florida, before returning to the Florida School system to develop a Feeding and Swallowing Team.  There, she also began working with a Speech-Language Impaired Classroom along with a special education teacher on language and literacy, while also consulting with the regular education teacher on Response to Intervention in these areas.  This specialization helped her recognize the strong correlation between language and reading, which thus led her to pursue further training in the treatment of reading disabilities.  DeLaine’s training includes Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing (LiPS)®, Wilson Language Training®, and Orton-Gillingham Training.

Currently, DeLaine’s primary focus is providing speech-language therapy through clinical supervision and clinical student training to children and adolescents with diverse speech-language challenges, most specifically in the area of auditory-language processing and literacy issues, including Dyslexia.  DeLaine coordinates the Speech and Hearing Center’s Alabama Language-based literacy Program known as ALLP.  DeLaine is passionate about helping children develop the ability to read with comprehension and to expand on what they have read in oral and written forms.  She is a member of the International Dyslexia Association, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama.