The UA Speech and Hearing Center is a fee-for-service clinic. All clients are expected to pay for speech-language evaluation and treatment services. HIPAA policies and practices are followed during the billing process.


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance may be billed for evaluation and treatment services if you have a doctor referral for the services being requested. If you arrive for an evaluation or treatment without a physician referral, you will be required to pay the full fee for the service, at the time of service.

Not all BCBS policies cover our services. Clients who wish to file services with BCBS should check with their health care provider prior to their appointment to determine if the services being sought are covered.


Medicaid claims may also be billed for evaluation and treatment services. All Medicaid clients must have a Medicaid referral form (EPSDT) from the primary care physician on file prior to services being provided. If a referral form is not provided prior to the service being rendered, no service will be provided unless the client is able to pay the full fee for the service at the time of the service.


Medicare may be billed for services that (1) have a physician referral, (2) are not considered routine, and (3) considered by Medicare to be medically reasonable and necessary. Excluded services include: hearing aids, hearing evaluations for the purpose of fitting hearing aids, and services for which the client does not have a physician referral. Statutorily excluded services are billed based on the clinic’s standard fee schedule.

Uninsured Clients

Clients who are uninsured, have an insurance provider not accepted by our clinic, whose BCBS policy does not cover our services, or whose allowed insurance visitations have expired are classified as private-pay clients. All private-pay clients are billed for services based on our established standard fee schedule.

UA Students

Insurance is not filed for individual or group services provided to UA students. This population is billed at a reduced rate for evaluations and treatment per semester or per session.

Forms of Payment

Services may be paid for by check, cash, or credit card.