National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

May is National Speech-Language-Hearing Month! We are excited to make extra effort this month to provide additional outreach to our community about our profession! This year, our CD Department is focusing on education and resources for adult populations we serve.  Speech-Language Disorders can be common in adults following stroke, head and neck cancer, and a variety of other illnesses and injuries. Hearing loss is exceedingly and increasingly common as people age. Unaddressed hearing loss can lead to poorer quality of life marked by challenges in areas such as physical and mental health, personal relationships, career growth and earning potential, and cognitive abilities as one ages. We want to share these resources to help individuals or loved ones learn the signs- and seek an evaluation if they have concerns: 

Identify the Signs: Speech and Language Disorders in Adults 

Identify the Signs: Hearing Loss in Adults 

For more resources to help you understand communication and communication disorders for all populations we serve, visit American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.