Dr. Memorie Gosa

Department Chair
Associate Professor


  • PhD, Communication Sciences & Disorders, The University of Memphis, 2012
  • MS, Speech-Language Pathology, The University of Mississippi, 2002
  • BA, Communicative Disorders, The University of Alabama, 2000

Research Areas

  • Effects and use of thickened fluids in pediatric populations
  • Intrinsic properties of thickened fluids
  • Development of feeding and swallowing skills in infants and children
  • Diagnosis and management of dysphagia in pediatric populations


Dr. Gosa is a pediatric speech-language pathologist, board-certified specialist in swallowing and swallowing disorders, and associate professor and chair of the Department of Communicative Disorders at The University of Alabama. She has more than nineteen years of clinical and research experience in pediatric dysphagia. Her research focuses on establishing the reliability and validity of common assessments and treatments used in pediatric dysphagia. She is co-editor of the textbook, Assessing and Managing Dysphagia: A Lifespan Perspective. She is a frequent invited presenter on the topic of pediatric feeding and swallowing development and disorders and is the director of The University of Alabama’s multi-disciplinary Feeding Development and Disorders (FeDD) Lab. Dr. Gosa’s research areas include

  • Pediatric feeding and swallowing development and disorders
  • Psychometric properties of assessments for diagnosis of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Validity of common treatment strategies for management and rehabilitation of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Investigation of sensor assisted assessment of feeding and swallowing disorders and AI/machine learning applications for the analysis of videofluoroscopic swallow studies (VFSS)

Grants Awarded

  • NSF REU Site: Engineering Sensors Systems and Signal Processing for Speech Pathology; Freeborn & Gosa (Co-PI).  Submitted August 2018: Applied for $352,034.00, Awarded in March 2019: $352,034.00
  • ASHA New Investigator’s Grant proposal, Usefulness of the Adapted Pre-Feeding Skills Checklist for Identification of Oral Phase Dysphagia in Non-Medically Complex Children with Feeding Problems; Gosa (PI).  Submitted April 2017:  Applied for $9,440.00, Awarded in October 2017: $10,000.00

Selected Publications

  • Scarborough, D., Langmore, S.E., Kelchner, L.N., Swigert, N., Murray, J., Reece, S., Harrigan, L.C., Cavanagh, T., Scheel, R., Gosa, M.M., & Rule, D.K. (2021). Tutorial on Clinical Practice for Use of the Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) Procedure with Adult Populations: Part 1.  American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (In Press).
  • McGrattan, K. E., Spoden, A., Sterkowitz, A., Gosa, M., Beckstrand, M., & Hernandez, K. (2021).  Validity of Anti-Reflux Formulas as a Slightly Thick Liquid: Effect of Time, Caloric Density & Refrigerated Storage on Formula Thickness.  Pediatric Medicine (In Press).
  • Gosa, M. M., & Choquette, C. K. (2021). Effect of Commercially Available Thickening Agents on Ready to Feed Infant Formulas. Journal of Texture Studies (in Press).
  • Freeborn, T. J., & Gosa, M. (2021). Analysis of localized bioimpedance from healthy young adults during activities of the vocal folds using Cole-impedance model representation. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control68, 102665.
  • Steele, C.M., Martin-Harris, B., Gosa, M.M., & Allen, S.E. (2021). Diagnosis and Management of Swallowing Physiology: Standardized Contrast, the MBSImP & the IDDSI Framework.  Applied Radiology.
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