Memorie Gosa

Memorie Gosa

Associate Professor


  • PhD, Communication Sciences & Disorders, The University of Memphis, 2012
  • MS, Speech-Language Pathology, The University of Mississippi, 2002
  • BA, Communicative Disorders, The University of Alabama, 2000

Research Areas

  • Effects and use of thickened fluids in pediatric populations
  • Intrinsic properties of thickened fluids
  • Development of feeding and swallowing skills in infants and children
  • Diagnosis and management of dysphagia in pediatric populations


Office Hours

By appointment

Grants Awarded

  • NSF REU Site: Engineering Sensors Systems and Signal Processing for Speech Pathology; Freeborn & Gosa (Co-PI).  Submitted August 2018: Applied for $352,034.00, Awarded in March 2019: $352,034.00
  • ASHA New Investigator’s Grant proposal, Usefulness of the Adapted Pre-Feeding Skills Checklist for Identification of Oral Phase Dysphagia in Non-Medically Complex Children with Feeding Problems; Gosa (PI).  Submitted April 2017:  Applied for $9,440.00, Awarded in October 2017: $10,000.00

Selected Publications

Suiter, D.M., Gosa, M.M., & Leder, S. Intra-Oral Dwell Time Results in Increased Bolus Temperature and Decreased Bolus Viscosity for Thickened Liquids. Topics in Clinical Nutrition (TICN). In press for publication Winter 2013.

Tutor, J.D., & Gosa, M.M. (2012). Dysphagia and aspiration in children. Pediatric Pumonology, 47(4), 321-327.

Gosa M.M., Schooling T.,  & Coleman J. (2011). Thickened liquids as a treatment for children with dysphagia and associated adverse effects: A systematic review. Infant Child and Adolescent Nutrition. Published Online First: 5 May 2011. doi: 10.1177/1941406411407664

Tutor, J, Srinivasan S, Gosa M, Culbreath B, Mallory L, Redd L, Jones M, Curry R, Davis, Christensen M, Schoumacher R, & Stokes D. Pulmonary functions in infants with chronic aspiration. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2010;181:A6229.

Gosa, M. M., Dodrill, P., Lefton-Greif, M.A., & Silverman, A. (Accepted, February 2020).

A Multidisciplinary approach to pediatric feeding disorders: Roles of the speech

language pathologist and behavioral psychologist.  American Journal of Speech-

Language Pathology. 

  • Freeborn, T., & Gosa, M., McCallum, D., & Steele, E. (Accepted, January 2020). Board

22: Speech Pathology clinical shadowing and research experiences for

undergraduate engineers & computer scientists.  2020 ASEE Annual Conference

& Exposition.

  • Gosa, M.M., Dodrill, P., & Robbins, J. (Accepted, January 2020).  Front line

interventions: Considerations for modifying fluids and foods for management of

feeding and swallowing disorders across the lifespan.  American Journal of

Speech-Language Pathology.

  • Suiter, D. M., & Gosa, M. M. (Eds.) (2019). Assessing and Treating Dysphagia: A

LifespanPerspective. Thieme.

  • Freeborn, T., & Gosa, M. (2018, June). Board 13: Work in Progress: Pilot Shadowing

Experiences to Introduce Engineering Students to Speech-Language Pathology.

In 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition.

  • Hirst, K., Dodrill, P., & Gosa, M. (2017). Noninvasive respiratory support and feeding in

the neonate. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups2(13), 82-92.

Nonpeer reviewed publications:

  • Gosa, M.M. (2018) Trouble Swallowing? A speech-language pathologist can help.

The Washington Post;



  • Gosa, M.M. (2017) Pediatric Dysphagia Assessment: Evaluating clinical tools. Dysphagia